Ctrl+Alt Compete B.C Esports tournament

Ctrl+Alt Compete

For full details visit: vancouveresports.org/ctrl-alt-compete/

TFT Fates Tournament Vancouver

TFT Fates: The Chosen One

Teamfight Tactics next set: “Fates” is here and to celebrate all the exciting and fresh changes the Vancouver Esports Association, UBC Esports and SFU Esports are proud to present the first TFT Set 4 online tournament for players!
With the launch of Fates we want to find out who has the tactics to win and be crowned our “Chosen Champion” with our multi-stage tournament with a structure similar to the Team Liquid Qualifiers.

Valorant Summer Showdown

SFUEA x UBCEA is hosting a one day 16 team online Valorant Tournament on Saturday, August 5th. This tournament is open to all players and teams in the lower mainland, spots will be given to the first 16 teams that have signed up in full teams of 5. Team Captains must register entire team.

Rollback Arena: Melty Blood

A Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code online tournament hosted by UBC Esports Association and Airdash Arena! This event is open to anyone in North America. Games will be organized on the UBCEA discord server (linked below), so be sure to join the server and assign yourself the FGC role in the #rules-and-roles channel!

Summer Solstice: A Community Overwatch Tournament

Summer Solstice is here to kick off the new season with a brand new Overwatch tournament! This is a pacific northwest online tournament that is open to everyone along the west coast, so we encourage all teams to join!