TGS Valorant October 17th

TGS Open Series Featuring Valorant

We hope you haven’t had enough of Valorant because TGS Open Series featuring Valorant is back once again. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Competitors are welcome from all over North America and of all skill levels to fight for their share of the $500 prize pool! πŸ€‘

TFT Fates Tournament Vancouver

TFT Fates: The Chosen One

Teamfight Tactics next set: “Fates” is here and to celebrate all the exciting and fresh changes the Vancouver Esports Association, UBC Esports and SFU Esports are proud to present the first TFT Set 4 online tournament for players!
With the launch of Fates we want to find out who has the tactics to win and be crowned our “Chosen Champion” with our multi-stage tournament with a structure similar to the Team Liquid Qualifiers.

TGS Signature Series Featuring Valorant

This 2-day event spanning August 22nd to August 23rd features a $2,000 CAD prize pool, free entry, and plenty of excitement. Competitors are welcome from all over North America and of all skill levels. Be sure to tune in on the action on our Twitch, and keep an ear out for the next Signature Series event! πŸ‘€

TFT: Mid-Set Melee

Welcome everyone to UBCEA’s first event of 3.5! This is going to be a completely online tournament where you get to play the freshest of comps on the freshest of live servers! This tournament is open to all players, regardless of rank. Worried about not doing well? No need to worry, we’ve got random prizes being given out even if you don’t place high. Think you want to play for the money? We’ve made that pretty enticing too, with a $200 PRIZE POOL!