The Pandemic Pantheon

In an age of long ago the god lived in peace. Now after being serperated for so long they are enraged and rising up to become the ultimate being!

MSG working with the BC scenes is very happy to announce the Pandemic Pantheon! Held on May 2 2020 this even will be capped out at 128 people and have streams from all over BC!

Join the battle to be the last standing in the PANDEMIC PANTHEON!

With 2 waves 8 pools and 8 streamers we have top 4 making it out to the next round where it becomes best of 5.

The winner will get a $20 stream gift card and were also going to be accepting donations to add to the pot. Any donations sent to www.paypal.me/zerango will be split 60/30/10 to the top 3 competitiors.

On top of that we will be updating with merch to help create a pot pool for our competitors!

Streams being included are: twitch.tv/BaiGG twitch.tv/ProtoBC twitch.tv/KingBL twitch.tv/teesawl twitch.tv/only_machu twitch.tv/BrodyPLS twitch.tv/PrydeSSB twitch.tv/okanagansmashleague