Respawn Entertainment announces new Vancouver Studio

As they celebrate their ten-year anniversary, Respawn Studio has officially announced its expansion outside of California into Canada with a new studio set to start up in Vancouver.

The new team, the fourth under the Respawn banner, will focus exclusively on Apex Legends, the entry into the battle royale genre for Electronic Arts, Respawn’s parent company.

While Apex Legends has had its fair share of issues and criticisms throughout its existence, it has continued to remain one of the most popular battle royale games despite multiple competitors like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. On top of that, Apex Legends has fostered a thriving esports scene that should continue to grow in the years to come.

The new team will be led by veterans of the studio like head of operations Henry Lee, team director Steven Ferreira, and Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier. In an interview with, Lee talked about the move bringing this new team to Vancouver:

“This is a great opportunity, not just for the Vancouver studio to bring some new creative challenges to people already there, but also to the local industry in terms of being part of the Apex Legends roadmap. So we’re very excited about bringing this to Vancouver and hopefully greater Canada as well, because we can tap into much more of a talent base broadly.”

Although the new team has been growing internally at EA’s Vancouver campus, Respawn has also announced that they plan on hiring more, with intentions to grow the team to around 80 people in the long run.

While Vancouver has been known for its continued growth in the tech industry, Respawn’s new studio will provide more opportunities as the city continues to grow as a leader in the gaming and esports industry.