Local Organizations

Community Organizations

Find out about local organizations that are inolved in running various esports and gaming events locally.
From here you can find links to each organizations website, social media pages,Youtube, Twitch and Discord servers to help connect you with each community!


The Metro Vancouver Secondary School Esports Association is an organization dedicated to being the pillar of scholastic esports in the Metro Vancouver region. We aim to do this by being a voice for secondary school e-athletes, as well as organizing events to give a chance for their potential to shine.

UBC Esports Association

The UBC Esports Association is a student-run, non-profit gaming club at the University of British Columbia. We support a variety of gaming communities and events in the Lower Mainland.

SFU Esports Association

Founded in 2015, the SFU Esports Association is a student run community organization at Simon Fraser University. We are a unified organization that manages many gaming communities at Simon Fraser University in order to serve as a centralized hub for all video-game related services. Our goal is to help grow the casual and competitive Esports scene while maintaining a friendly social aspect to our events.

Langara Esports Association

Our goals in this group include providing an accessible social platform for people to be able to meet other like-minded gamers who all enjoy the same hobby. We also want to host events, both casual and competitive, for people to come together and play games with each other.

Capilano Esports Association

Capilano Esports club is an organization that encourages students inside and outside of our campus to play various games together. Follow us on our pages to find out what games we play, and when our events will be taking place.

Industry Organizations

Vancouver Street Battle

Vancouver Street Battle is an organization that specializes in console games. We host popular titles such as Street Fighter, Tekken, Smash Bros. Melee and Ultimate and more then check out our local venue! Come hang out with local players. Our weekly tournaments are live streamed on Twitch.

The Gaming Stadium

The Gaming Stadium, a first of its kind esports Stadium in Canada, is located in Richmond, British Columbia. The Stadium is custom built from the ground up with one purpose in mind – build the best damn place to play and watch your favorite esports.

Mountainside Games

MountainSideGames comprises a team of esports enthusiasts with the desire to bolster the success of the local gaming scene. With several years of experience under their belt, they aim to heighten the production value of events. MSG aims to provide content to players in a wide variety of unique ways that will leave a lasting impression and to achieve this, will require bolstering all the separate communities and showing them that unity is the best course of action!

Vancouver Economic Commission

In 2019, VEC began Canada's first federally funded esports research initiative, organizing roundtables and consulting industry on how to build a resilient, diverse and thriving esports ecosystem in British Columbia while positioning Vancouver as a global esports hub. Our goal is to continue collaborating with and showcasing our hardworking local and regional organizations, teams and players to build a cohesive and actionable strategy that will chart a course for BC's esports ecosystem to come into its own.

Adamas Esports

Adamas is focused on becoming the global standard for measuring and training esports performance. We provide esports athletes knowledge, tools, inspiration and guidance to rise in the ranks of the truly elite. Adamas athletes will experience the best facilities, minds and practices from traditional sports, customized for their specific needs and demands.

Vancouver Elated

Vancouver Elated is a new pro org working on bringing safety and awareness into the esports industry, and help it grow to its full potential. Equality, inclusion, and safety are our most important qualities, and we aim to lead with those points in mind as we push to integrate esports into the school system in Canada.

Alpha Esports Logo

Alpha Esports

Alpha Esports has created an online gaming ecosystem that offers a one-stop solution in the gaming and esports space. Utilizing our online platform, GamerzArena, Alpha connects gamers, fans, and teams through competitive gaming by offerings online tournaments and leagues.