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UBC Esports Sunset Series

UBC Esports is here with Sunset Series, our 2 month long event to keep you energized through the summer and quarantine! 🌆

Throughout July and August we’ll be hosting gaming events, with each one you attend netting you Sunset Points. We’ll have custom lobbies and tournaments for games like CS:GO, League of Legends, R6, Valorant, and more (we even have Animal Crossing events 👀)!

We’ll also be having chat lobbies for casual games and just to relax during the summer of 2020 😎

At the end of Sunset Series, there will be a raffle giving away some amazing prizes! For a full event schedule and more information, check out sunset-series.ca!

WHEN: July 4th – August 31st

Special events
CS:GO Summer Shootout Saturday, July 11

Rainbow 6 Mini Tournament Friday, July 24

Teamfight Tactics TBA Sunday, August 2

League of Legends Tournament (Day 1) Saturday, August 8

Pokemon Sword/Shield Sunday Showdown #5 Sunday, August 9

League of Legends Tournament (Day 2) Saturday, August 15

Hearthstone TBA Sunday, August 16

The event is finished.