TGS Magic Arena Event

TGS Open Series Featuring MTG Arena

MTG Arena is back at TGS! Join us on November 1st for a FREE Standard tournament with a whopping $500 prize pool! 🤑 Think you’ve figured out the answer to the post-ban metagame? Time to show you have what it takes to brave the competition and come out on top! 🏆

Competitors are welcome from all over North America and of all skill levels to fight for their share of the prize pool! You can also follow the tournament with full event coverage on our Twitch channel!

Notes: Times are in PST and currency is in CAD.

➡️ Tournament Fee: FREE!

This tournament will be run through MTG Melee. You can find the event registration here:

Registration will close the day of the tournament at 10:45 AM PDT.

Decklist submission will close the day of the tournament at 10:55 AM PDT.

➡️ Tournament Format:

Standard, Best of 3, Open decklists, Swiss with a cut to Top 8

Directly challenge your opponent using the MTG Arena “TOURNAMENT MATCH” challenge option.

💰 Prize Pool: $500 CAD
1st: $250
2nd: $150
3rd/4th: $50

The event is finished.