TFT Fates Tournament Vancouver

TFT Fates: The Chosen One

Teamfight Tactics next set: “Fates” is here and to celebrate all the exciting changes the Vancouver Esports Association, UBC Esports and SFU Esports are proud to present the first online TFT tournament for Set 4!
This tournament is free to play in and open to everyone from casual players to fierce competitors. Play some games with other locals who enjoy TFT, learn some new strategies, and/or fight for the chance to be crowned our “Chosen Champion”!
This tournament will be played online via VEA discord and streamed live at


Date: October 3rd, 11 AM Start time
Place: Event communications managed on the Vancouver Esports Association discord using the “TFT” role (
Entry: FREE!
How to register: Sign up via our google forms sign up and join the VEA discord and choose the TFT role to be able to see the channel we will use to discuss anything about the tournament. (current player cap is 64, register now to save your spot!)
1st: $100 + Herbaland Gift Basket
2nd: $50 + Herbaland Gift Basket
3rd: $30 + Herbaland Gift Basket
4th: $20 + Herbaland Gift Basket

We’re also doing a raffle for a gift basket during round 2 so everyone has a chance to win something. :smiley:
Big shout out to Herbaland for providing gift baskets for our players!
You can check them out at


This tournament will use a format similar to the Team Liquid Qualifiers.
Players will be matched up in groups of 8 competitors to play games.
Players will earn points based on their finishing placement in each game (point value scales as the tournament progresses).
After each game players are ranked based on their points earned thorough the entire tournament and players may be eliminated if they are not within the top X players for the next round.
Everyone gets to play the first 2 games, after that bottom 8 players get eliminated each round until their are only 8 players remaining.
Final 8 players will play 2 final games both counting for points that will contribute to final standings and prizes.

For any questions reach out to the VEA team on our discord server.
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Sat Oct 2020


11:00 am - 6:00 pm



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