SFU Scrapdown Smash Ultimate

Scrapdown 2020: Smash Ultimate

SFU Esports presents our NEW Fall flagship event, Scrapdown 2020! Featuring three popular games, Valorant, Smash Ultimate, and League of Legends and over $500 in prizing for each game, what is there not to love! Better yet, all tournaments have no age restrictions, and no college restrictions!

Welcome to the SFU Esports Fall Scrapdown, an online tournament created to bring together the best of PNW in a battle for Pride and glory!

$550! The prize pool will be distributed in a top 8 payout or TBD

Who can enter?

This is an online tournament limited to participants from the Western Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Registration is free. Registrants must also refrain from multi-tourneying (entering two tournaments at the same time). If a player is discovered to be multi-tourneying, they will be promptly DQed from the tournament and have any potential prizing witheld.

The event is finished.