SFU Scrapdown League of Legends Captain's draft

Scrapdown 2020: League of Legends [Captain’s Draft]

SFU Esports presents our NEW Fall flagship event, Scrapdown 2020! Featuring three popular games, Valorant, Smash Ultimate, and League of Legends and over $500 in prizing for each game, what is there not to love! Better yet, all tournaments have no age restrictions, and no college restrictions!

If you don’t have a team thats not a problem because we are doing Captains Draft! After filling out the Google Form below, you will be added to a list where Team Captains will be able to draft you for their team.

Captain’s Draft Rules and Format:
Based on the number of players/free agents signed up, the Captain’s Draft will operate through the following method:
-Captain’s will be picked by random
-Remaining Free Agents will be added to the draft pool
-If there is a diverse spread of player ranks/skill, rank restrictions may be put in place for the draft
-Teams will draft until they all have 5 players
-Draft will take place 1 or 2 days before the tournament to allow for seeding

Battlefy Page: https://battlefy.com/derian-chow/sfu-esports-fall-scrapdown/5f4c396676b8305ffaa3b371/info?infoTab=details

16 Teams (4 pools): Round Robin
Each Game is Best of 1
Finals is Best of 3

Day 1:
All round robin games will be played on the 26th
Day 2:
Finals and Exhibition Matches

The event is finished.