MVSSEA Summer 2020 Minecraft: 1v1 Duels

We’re introducing a new side event:
Minecraft 1v1 Duels!

Here are the details:
Fee: By Donation

1st: 15$ credit
2nd: 5$ credit
3rd: 1 !name-id command in MVSSEA Discord

Reg End/Start Time: Friday September 4th at 2:30PM

How will it work?
– At the beginning, the players who are seeded against each other will add each other to a Hypixel Party.
– Once each party has 2 players, the games will start. The party leader will invite the players to a Classic Iron Duel in Hypixel.

Anyone who leaves midway will not be eligible for prizing. Be warned.
– The format will depend on the number of players.
a) 2 players: a single Bo5
b) 3 – 6 players: a single elimination tournament with Bo3s until the final set between the top 2 players which is Bo5
c) 7+ players: a double elimination tournament with Bo3s until the final set which is Bo5

You must be in the MVSSEA Discord to be eligible to join.

The event is finished.