Call of Duty Warzone Challenge presented by Stack Sports

The Stack Sports Warzone Challenge will be a three hour point race tournament. In this mode players will sign up as teams of three and play online matches for three hours. After each match players will report their scores with points given for kills and bonus points awarded based on placement.

You MUST be in the TGS Discord and join the Call of Duty channel participate in this event as it is the only place to submit match results.

Join here:

3 hour online public normal games. Only report scores with 10+ points.


Winner: 10 Points

2nd-5th: 7 Points

6th-15th: 5 Points

16-25th: 3 Points

Eliminations: 1 Point is earned for each elimination

Refunds for this event will only be granted to users who are no longer registered at the time the registration has closed. If a tournament has a registration cap, then any players registered at the time that the cap has been reached will no longer be eligible for a refund. Failure to check-in, participate in or being disqualified for a rules violation in any tournament will not be cause for a refund.

Refunds are not automatic and will be refunded manually after the tournament brackets have been seeded and registration is final.

Open to anyone living in North America (Canada, USA, Mexico)
Age Restrictions: open to anyone 12 and up
Screenshots of scores must be submitted to verify point total

Captains can report their team’s score.

The event is finished.